A community and format for sharing index maps.

A new GeoJSON-based file specification for standardizing spatial index map creation has been released. For more information see the latest specification documentation.

Latest Specification

OpenIndexMaps use the GeoJSON Format to deliver information about an index map that references maps or other index maps. The concept of web-based index maps is not novel, however with many differing implementations, a common community-based standard was needed.


OpenIndexMap is geospatial data format based on the GeoJSON Format. It consists of a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object that contains Features representing a geographic area from which additional map data exists. Features may have members which contain additional properties. These properties enable a consuming application to provide a useful finding aid for maps. OpenIndexMap defines a common set of properties that are useful as a finding aid.

OpenIndexMaps should be valid GeoJSON.

Helpful Resources


A converter is available for converting shapefile index maps to OpenIndexMaps GeoJSON.


A Creating GeoJSON for OpenIndexMaps tutorial was created for a workshop at Geo4LibCamp 2020. The tutorial works through several examples of using QGIS to create OpenIndexMaps GeoJSON files.

Legacy Version

OpenIndexMap Version 0